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Violence & crime don’t stray from schools and university campuses. If anything, the fact that anyone can disguise themselves as an insider should be worrisome. On Monday afternoon, we learned about a stabbing incident in a heavy student-populated area outside of Gregory Gym at the University of Texas, leaving 1 dead & 3 injured. Luckily, with crowds around, they were able to capture the suspect & take him in, but imagine if this would have happened during the evening? School administrators can’t ever be too careful or play it too safe. This is how our emergency call stations could make your students feel & be safer.

School Security, Emergency Phone, Security SystemThe Benefits

One may think that emergency call stations aren’t needed as much because of cell phones & other communication devices nowadays. On the other hand, these, usually yellow or blue, light phone stations provide a great sense of security to students and faculty. When it’s later in the evening, and a student or teacher, is walking to their car after a long day at the school, who is going to protect them?

The stations serve as a back up to failed, spotty wireless coverage. If a phone fails to connect the person in need of help to a dispatcher, then the emergency assistance station is there for help. That’s another benefit — it provides a 100% direct line to police dispatch. Students & parents want them in place because its visibility adds value to the perception of security.

Houston school districts can look for more information in placing these emergency call stations on their property by contacting our staff. We currently offer these services to kindergarden through 12th grade campuses. Along with the stations, we also have video surveillance options available.