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Security Systems MonitoringChoosing the right Houston industrial security camera systems is critical to your company’s success. Preventing theft and vandalism can protect your inventory and provide a safer environment for your staff members. Recent developments in the field of industrial security cameras can offer even greater protection for your company. Here are some reasons you should consider digital (IP) cameras for your Houston business.

Analog vs. Digital

Many older Houston business security systems are based on analog camera surveillance. Analog cameras typically require a direct physical connection to a recording device and use the lower-resolution NTSC standard to capture images and video content. Digital cameras, also known as IP cameras, can achieve much higher resolutions and can be linked to a local area network rather than directly connected to the recording device itself.

Advantages of Digital Security Cameras

Upgrading or implementing digital cameras can boost the effectiveness of your corporate security plan. Some of the most important advantages of these advanced surveillance systems over their analog predecessors include the following:

  • Digital camera setups can easily be expanded or scaled back to suit the needs of your company. Because these systems are controlled by a dedicated computer system, you can add cameras where needed and remove others without extensive rewiring. This increases the ease of installation and ensures the most flexible implementations for your business.
  • Because digital images and video are stored as computer files, they can often be scanned more quickly and even monitored by software programs that alert operators to any unusual conditions. This can significantly cut down on fatigue and staff error, making it easier to spot issues before they become critical.
  • The enhanced resolution made possible by digital cameras can provide added evidence against unwanted intruders and can increase the chance of identification for both people and vehicles who have entered your property illegally.
  • The files created by digital security cameras can be stored and backed up automatically to an external server, allowing your company to maintain these recordings for longer periods of time without taking up excessive space on your surveillance system.

When integrated with your Houston access control and physical security measures, digital cameras can deliver superior protection for your business needs.

At SecureComm Inc., we specialize in providing you with the best options for maintaining the security of your business premises. We design and install proven access control and security camera solutions that can keep your employees and your inventory safer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us today at 832-741-5451 to set up a consultation and to begin protecting your business more effectively. We look forward to working with you.