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camera-clusterMaintaining the security of your Houston business premises is essential to ensure that property and people are protected effectively. Comprehensive business security systems that incorporate access control and surveillance can be solid investments and can provide valuable peace of mind for business owners. When installed by a professional firm, commercial security systems can provide exceptional protection for inventories, materials and employees in the working environment. CCTV cameras can be especially useful as integrated elements in office security systems; these surveillance camera arrays can provide early warning of intruders and can allow faster response times on the part of emergency services personnel. Visible security camera systems may actually deter criminals from attempting to rob or vandalize your corporate property and can serve as evidence if a break-in does occur. Here are six important factors to consider when selecting a surveillance system for your corporate premises.

Location, Location, Location

Positioning surveillance cameras correctly can ensure optimal effectiveness both outdoors and as part of interior office security systems. The most advanced and high resolution camera setup can be rendered completely useless through mistakes in positioning these surveillance devices. In most cases, business owners can ensure the effectiveness of security camera systems by enlisting the help of professional surveillance system firms in the installation and implementation process.

Living Color

Black and white security camera footage was once the only cost-effective strategy for corporate surveillance systems. Technological advances and reduced pricing for full-color security cameras have allowed a greater range of choices for businesses of all sizes. In most cases, color cameras can provide clearer images and improved identification of individuals for access control purposes.

Centralized Command Centers

One of the most critical elements of a working business surveillance system is its control center and how it is utilized. This management station provides central storage for digital data and recordings from cameras located around the facility. Modern DVR systems can be linked with computers and video equipment to provide both live and recorded video feeds. DVR systems are designed to accommodate a specific number of video channels. Choosing one with added channel capacity can allow for growth and expansion of the surveillance system and can provide a solid foundation for these advanced security systems in the future.

Remote Access Capability

Choosing a central control system that features secure remote login can allow you and your employees to maintain a close eye on activities in and around your workplace. This can provide greater peace of mind for management staff and can allow you to identify issues and threats to your establishment as they develop. Remote access can also allow you to eliminate many false alarms caused by wild animals, strays or weather conditions in the area of the facility.

Motion Sensor Technologies

Especially for surveillance systems located indoors, incorporating advanced motion detection software can help to reduce wasted energy and hard drive storage space by recording only when motion is identified in the camera’s defined field of vision. This can also save time during the review of recorded video data by the corporate security team. Choosing a security package that incorporates motion sensors as part of the surveillance control system can streamline your overall workplace protection plan.

Instant Alerting

Commercially available surveillance camera systems typically include the ability to send text alerts or emails to selected members of the security and management teams when a certain set of criteria have been fulfilled. This allows for an added level of protection for people, property and the public and can ensure the fastest possible response on the part of police, firefighters and other emergency services personnel in addressing issues as they arise.

By working with an established and professional corporate security firm to implement a comprehensive property and worker protection plan, your company can enjoy greater productivity and increased morale among staff members. Choosing the right surveillance system for your workplace can provide a greater degree of safety for every element of your ongoing corporate operations.