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security-camerasWith burglaries on the rise in nearly every major Texas city, it is important for all businesses to have Houston security systems. Whether they are outside criminals or employees within the company, thieves know that businesses usually have several valuable items or bits of information they can steal and sell. Every business is unique and will have varying needs, so it is important to know how to identify Houston office security systems that best fit those needs.

Survey The Area
Look up local crime reports to review what types of crime are most common in the immediate area. This information is usually available from the local police department. Businesses that are located in areas where vandalism, armed robberies and burglaries are common will definitely need a good security system with more features.

Evaluate Internal Security
It is important to know what type of vulnerabilities there are within the business. Some businesses sell merchandise, so their biggest worries are often outside thieves. While employees may be somewhat of a risk as well, they are a bigger risk for companies that sell services. In such cases, employees may have access to sensitive information that could hurt the business if it is released or sold. Securing computers, safes and other places where valuable items are entrusted to workers is very important. It is also helpful to have cameras in areas where these items are located.

Make A Power Source Plan
What will happen if the power goes out? This is something every business owner should think about. In some cases, the power could be out for days. This is especially true for areas that are prone to severe storms in the winter or summer. It is best to have a system that has a backup power source. Businesses that foresee the need for additional power beyond what a backup source can provide should purchase generators. Keep in mind that looting is common after storms in some cities when the power is out for extended periods of time.

Think About Access Control
One important decision business owners must make is what type of access control to choose. There are several different choices, but the best choice depends on the level of security needed. For example, a business that sells inexpensive goods over the counter may only need a system with cameras and a coded keypad system for the burglar alarm. However, a luxury jewelry business with a safe full of valuables may elect to have a fingerprint system installed that would allow access to only a few people.

Identify Possible Entrances
Look carefully around the business to determine points of entry. Make a diagram, and mark all of the windows and doors. Think about any other entrances as well. Some older businesses have basements with large vents or small windows just above ground that may be overlooked. However, burglars can fit through smaller windows and entrances, so it is important to think about every possible point of entry.

Choose A System
After identifying all of the internal risks and marking the entrances, look at the property outside. Determine if a gate, window bars and any other additions will need to be made before or after installing a security system. Talk to a security system specialist about the information gathered to determine which types of Houston business security systems will be beneficial.

Whether the best choice for a company is just a burglar alarm or a full system with cameras, remote surveillance and an alarm, it is important to make it known that it exists. Stickers and lit signs are also useful for deterring criminals in the first place.