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In a world where businesses must remain secure at all times, access control is an eminently important part of any security initiative. When business owners want to ensure that only approved employees can enter the building or a specific area of the business, there are a number ways they can accomplish this task. Most office security systems will use a combination approach. Card access, video surveillance, and access barriers can all be set up by consummate professionals so that the security of the business and the safety of the employees will be guaranteed.

Why Access Control is Important

Because electronic technology is at the forefront of most corporate decisions, business owners will want to be sure that sensitive information is kept away from prying eyes. Companies that work with government statistics, for instance, will need to ensure that only certain people have access to classified areas of the building. It is also vitally important that any unauthorized individuals be kept off of the property. Business owners, in fact, can sometimes be held responsible for lax security measures, especially if an employee ends up being harmed during an incident.

Card Access

Businesses that employ keyless entry systems will be much more secure. All verified workers will be given an electronically programmed card that can be used to open a locked door. One particular advantage of card access systems is that each and every employee and visitor will be tracked by the security system when they enter or leave the building or a secure area. In other cases, regular employees might be unceremoniously fired for incompetence. In the aftermath, their access cards can be quickly deactivated so that they can no longer enter the building or sensitive areas. This is particularly useful when companies are dealing with disgruntled workers who might feel vindictive about their termination.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is another way that businesses can maintain security. This generally occurs in two ways. First, employees and contractors will be aware that there are surveillance cameras set up in both interior and exterior locations. Thus, individuals will think twice about doing anything illegal. If vandalism or theft does indeed occur, investigators can examine the video archives to look for the perpetrator. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) can be especially effective. Business owners who have had problems with crime in the past can set up cameras to monitor building entrance points, offices, access roads, and parking lots. When suspicious activity is caught on camera, building managers can then notify the legal authorities right away.

Access Barriers

All effective commercial security systems will utilize different kinds of access barriers. Heavy security doors and gates, for instance, can be linked up with keypad entry devices that require special codes. This is a particularly effective mechanism for warehouse areas where valuable materials are kept. Manufacturing companies, in fact, often have two access gates with two different codes. This ensures that only employees with high-level security clearances can enter certain parts of the business complex.

Quality Installation

Most access control measures make use of custom configured, digital technology components. For this reason, it is always best to consult with a professional company that has extensive experience in the security industry. Because each business is unique, experts will examine the property and decide where the best access points should be. With a preliminary blueprint in hand, professionals will then begin to flesh out the details so that the installation work can begin.

Mixing and Matching

Ultimately, the best business security systems will use several different mechanisms to ensure safety. A keyless entry system combined with a comprehensive video surveillance system, for instance, will probably do the job quite well. Heavy gates that are connected to coded keypads can also enhance safety. With a viable security system in place, business owners can at last concentrate on achieving financial success.